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Who is Viacom owned by?

National Amusements, Inc. is an American privately owned theater company and mass media holding company based in Norwood, Massachusetts, and incorporated in Maryland. It is the controlling shareholder of Paramount Global.


Who is National Amusements owned by?

Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, National Amusements is a closely held company operating under the third generation of leadership by the Redstone family. National Amusements is the parent company of both Viacom and CBS Corporation.

Who owns Viacom CEO?

Redstone last bought stock in March 2020, when she paid $1 million for 50,450 shares, an average price of $19.83 each. Redstone is also CEO and president of National Amusements, which owns the majority of the Class A shares of ViacomCBS, and therefore most of the voting power.Nov 12, 2021

Is Viacom owned by Universal?

Notes. Viacom will be folded into NBCUniversal, and all Viacom’s assets will be owned by NBCUniversal, except for the 50% of Paramount Pictures, which will be owned by CBS Corporation. Focus Features will be folded into Universal Pictures, while Paramount Pictures replaces their role.

Does Viacom own National Amusements?

A privately held company owned by Sumner M. Redstone and his family, National Amusements operates as the parent company of Viacom Inc., which includes Paramount Communications, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, VH1, Blockbuster Video, Simon & Schuster, Showtime Networks, Inc., and other major entertainment properties.

Who owns Redstone family?

That now goes to a seven-person trust that puts Sumner Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, in charge of the company. The trustees are Shari Redstone, her son Tyler Korff, David Andelman, Norman Jacobs, Leonard Lewin, Tad Jankowski and Jill Krutick. Shari owns the other 20% through a separate trust.Aug 12, 2020

Does the Redstone family own bet?

Through it, Redstone and his family controlled CBS Corp. and Viacom, and through Viacom they controlled assets like BET Networks, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and the movie studio Paramount Pictures.Aug 12, 2020

Who owns Shari Redstone?

In 2020, Redstone was named on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
Shari Redstone
Occupation President of National Amusements Chairman of Paramount Global
Spouse(s) Ira A. Korff ​ ​ ( m. 1980; div. 1992)​

5 more rows

Who is head of CBS Viacom?

Robert Marc Bakish is an American business executive. He has been President and CEO of Paramount Global since December 4, 2019, formerly holding the same position at Viacom before the merger with CBS Corporation.


Who owns Comcast Corporation?

Comcast Corporation is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Does Viacom own Comcast?

The Comcast Corporation is one of the world’s foremost media companies, competing with Disney DIS, Fox FOXA, and Viacom VIA, as well as tech giants such as Alphabet Inc. and GOOGL.

Companies owned by Comcast:
Company Industry
Bravo Entertainment
SYFY Entertainment
Craftsy Entertainment
Carnival films Entertainment

21 more rows

Who owns Black entertainment?

BET/Parent organizations
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Who owns Viacom?

Viacom (the current one) is owned by National Amusements, Inc., a privately-owned American theater company. The original Viacom was also owned by National Amusements.

Is Viacom a publicly traded company?

ViacomCBS is a publicly traded company, owned by shareholders. Controlling stock in the company is owned by a private company called National Amusements. The owners of National Amusements are the Redstone family, led by Viacom founder Sumner Redstone and his daughter Shari Redstone. National Amusements also owns a chain …

When did Viacom acquire CBS?

Viacom originally acquired CBS in 2000. In 2006, Viacom and CBS were split into separate corporations, each with National Amusements owning controlling shares of both companies. In 2019, they merged back together into one company, taking the new name ViacomCBS. Jeff Harris.

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Who owns National Amusements?

The owners of National Amusements are the Redstone family, led by Viacom founder Sumner Redstone and his daughter Shari Redstone. National Amusements also owns a chain of movie theatres in the US and UK. Viacom originally acquired CBS in 2000.

Who bought CBS?

Laurence Tisch later took over until eventually Westinghouse bought the company, selling off the other parts of their organization and re-branding as CBS, later then becoming part of Viacom, which had grown from a division created by CBS to syndicate the network’s previous programs under the Screen Gems brand.

Who owns NBC Universal?

Largest –– NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo are under NBC Universal and owned by Comcast, America’s most hated company. ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Corporation. They also own ESPN, Marvel, Disney Studios, and A&E networks. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting which is owned by Time Warner.

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Who owns Fox News?

They also own Sky News and National Geographic Partners. CBS is owned by the CBS Corporation but the majority control is owned by National Amusements under owner billionaire Sumner Redstone.

Does Viacom own Nickelodeon?

Viacom also has control over various investments. Because of its ownership of Nickelodeon, it produces the Nickelodeon magazine. It also owns Nickelodeon Universe, the largest indoor theme park located in the Mall of America. Viacom is also famous for producing award shows for its BET and MTV networks.

Who owns Nick Records?

Besides creating films and television shows, Viacom produces music. The company owns the music labels Nick Records and Comedy Central Records. Nick Records produces the music of popular actors from the network’s series. Most notably, the label has produced music by Ariana Grande while she acted on the show Victorious .

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Who owns Nickelodeon?

Most notably, Viacom owns Nickelodeon, or Nick, an American television network that produces popular television shows for children and adolescents. It’s most popular for producing both cartoons and live action shows, such as Spongebob Squarepants and Drake and Josh .

Who is Sumner Redstone’s father?

Sumner Redstone, who died Tuesday at 97, built a sprawling media empire out of the movie theater chain founded by his father, Michael Redstone. It’s now his daughter’s decision whether she wants to keep it.

Who is Shari Redstone?

Shari Redstone, chairwoman of ViacomCBS and president of National Amusements, reacts as she celebrates her company’s merger at the Nasdaq Market site in New York, December 5, 2019. Sumner Redstone, who died Tuesday at 97, built a sprawling media empire out of the movie theater chain founded by his father, Michael Redstone.

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Who is the daughter of Sumner Redstone?

Key Points. Sumner Redstone, who built National Amusements into a media empire, died Tuesday at 97. His daughter, Shari Redstone, has effectively controlled Viacom and CBS for several years as Sumner Redstone has dealt with health issues. Shari Redstone will now decide if she wants to expand or sell ViacomCBS.

Who owns National Amusements?

Sumner Redstone is the current owner of National Amusements and all of its properties. While his daughter Shari has the title of President, Sumner Redstone retains most of the control over the company.

What is the media conglomerate?

Media Conglomerate #1: National Amusements. Unless you’re directly involved in business and / or entertainment, you’ve probably never heard of National Amusements before. The company owns movie theaters throughout the world — about 950 total — but it owns much more than just movie theaters.

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What is WebFX marketing?

WebFX is a full-service Internet marketing company that offers the perfect solution for your business. In modern America, it feels like you have an unlimited variety of entertainment and media options right at your fingertips. Television, film, and video game companies seem to come out of the woodwork in today’s startup-centric economy.

How much is Sumner Redstone worth?

As he nears his 94th birthday in 2017, Sumner Redstone (and his estate) is worth an estimated $4.6 billion, according to Forbes. While a decent amount of that value comes from his stake in National Amusements, much more of it comes from the companies that he owns.

What are Disney’s assets?

Disney’s print assets are a mix of proprietary publishers, Lucasfilm acquisitions, and Marvel properties. The mix gives Disney a controlling interest in massive publishing niches, especially comic books, and science fiction novels. Disney also owns ESPN, which has its own publishing arm for all things sports.

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Who owns Looney Tunes?

The most famous is probably Warner Brothers Animation Studios , which owns properties like Looney Tunes. Along with that, TimeWarner has joint ventures in The CW and Hulu, along with ultra-niche TV programming for medical waiting rooms.

What is News Corp?

News Corp is the media conglomerate best known for its line of Fox companies. Those include Fox News, FX, and pretty much every other company with the name “Fox” in it. The company generated more than $33 billion in 2012, and it controls a huge number of print products compared to other media conglomerates.

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