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What did Univision buy?

Univision launched another network, El Rey, and began buying digital properties, including the satirical website the Onion. The company spent $135 million in 2016 to buy Gawker Media Group, which it renamed Gizmodo.

Where is Univision headquarters?

Univision’s owners immediately moved the headquarters from Los Angeles to New York — a Park Avenue address — and turned to a Madison Avenue veteran, Joe Uva, to run the company. The goal was to dramatically increase ad revenue by persuading marketers that Univision was a must-buy.

When did Haim Saban buy Univision?

When Haim Saban and billionaire-led private equity firms acquired Univision Communications for $13.7 billion in early 2007, they figured the nation’s largest Spanish-language media company would be a sure bet. The U.S. economy and Latino population were booming.

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When did Univision start?

Representatives of Univision and Saban declined to comment publicly. Univision, which began in 1961 with a lone TV station in Texas, used to be the premier Spanish-language destination, commanding 80% of the market. Its main competitor, Telemundo, was barely a threat.

How much did Saban Capital pay for Univision?

Saban Capital Group paid $250 million for its Univision stake, and the colorful billionaire became chairman of the group. The four private equity firms each contributed about $900 million, making Univision one of Wall Street’s largest leveraged buyouts with more than $10 billion in debt. Advertisement.

Why did Univision complain to Televisa?

Univision began complaining to Televisa about the slow pace of romantic stories, the use of the same actors and rural settings (sprawling haciendas) at a time when most U.S. Latinos live in cities. Televisa initially brushed off the concerns, according to three people familiar with the situation.

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How much debt does Univision have?

But Univision still has $7.5 billion in debt, and some possible buyers have much on their plate. Disney, for example, is busy trying to absorb much of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, a $71.3-billion deal that was completed in March.

Who is the executive chairman of Televisa Univision?

Davis will lead the combined company and Alfonso de Angoitia will serve as executive chairman of the Televisa-Univision board of directors.

How much did Univision pay for Televisa?

Under terms of the sweeping deal revealed Tuesday evening, Univision will pay $4.8 billion for the assets of Televisa, a Mexican production powerhouse that already was a minority owner of Univision. The two companies will then create Televisa-Univision, which they say will be the largest player in Spanish-speaking media.

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Who bought Univision?

Univision sold! Giant Miami-based Spanish language broadcaster Univision is being acquired by two private investment firms, ForgeLight and Searchlight Capital Partners, and will enter a new era led by Wade Davis – longtime media executive, former Viacom CFO and ForgeLight founder-CEO – and marked by enhanced collaboration with core programming …

When did Univision acquire Televisa?

They acquired the company for $13.7 billion in 2007, beating out a rival bid from Televisa. Vince Sadusky, Univision CEO, spoke of a “re-energized and refocused company” and said “today marks the start of an exciting new chapter with partners that recognize the excellent position Univision is in.”. “I’m so proud of everything we have accomplished …

What is Univision’s Spanish language agreement?

The agreement is one of Univision’s most strategic assets, giving it exclusive access to the largest Spanish-language video library in the world. The announcement said Televisa will serve as an important partner to the new ownership and management team going forward.

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Is Televisa part of Univision?

Televisa has a shared history with Univision dating back many years and a deep strategic relationship today. The context, insight and strategic content that Televisa brings to Univision have been key to the company’s success.”.

Does Televisa’s license expire?

Televisa’s crucial program license agreement with Univision will remain in effect and will not expire unless Televisa voluntarily sells down a substantial portion of its ownership stake, at which point the agreement would still remain in place for an additional seven and a half year years.

When did Univision start?

Univision was less of a hard sell when it was put on the block in 2006. The company, which began in 1961 with a lone TV station in Texas, at one point commanded 80% of the Spanish-language media market. With the U.S. Hispanic population booming, success seemed guaranteed.

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Does Univision have a soap opera?

To get in better shape, Univision has tried to modernize its programming, which once leaned heavily on soap operas known as telenovelas. To expand its soccer offerings, it acquired the rights to the popular UEFA Champions League.

When did the recession start for Univision?

A recession began at the end of 2007, followed by the global financial crisis. Advertising budgets contracted, sapping Univision’s revenue. The share of the U.S. population born in Mexico peaked in 2007 and then began dropping. That took a toll on ratings growth.

Does Dish Network carry Univision?

But for nearly nine months starting in 2018, Dish Network Corp., the satellite-TV provider, refused to carry Univision’s networks, depriving the company of lucrative subscriber fees. Though that dispute is now resolved, the rise of cord cutting has made negotiations with pay-TV companies more tense.

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How much did Televisa pay in 2010?

In 2010, Televisa bought a 5% equity stake and debt that could be converted into an additional 30% holding. It paid about $1.2 billion.

Who did Univision sell its majority stake to?

Univision sells majority stake to private equity firm. Univision has sold a majority stake to a group of investors , ending the Spanish-language broadcaster’s protracted and flailing sales process. The TV company known for dramas like “La Reina Soy Yo” has agreed to sell a 64 percent stake to a group of investors including private equity firm

When did Searchlight buy Univision?

In 2007, the group bought Univision in a leveraged buyout valued at $13.7 billion including debt. Searchlight, which was founded in 2010, invested in such Spanish-language media as Hemisphere Media in 2016 and Liberty Latin America, a telecommunications firm affiliated with Malone, in 2018.

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Who owns La Reina Soy Yo?

The TV company known for dramas like “La Reina Soy Yo” has agreed to sell a 64 percent stake to a group of investors including private equity firm Searchlight Capital Partners and ex-Viacom finance chief Wade Davis, it said on Tuesday.

Who is the chairman of the Hemisphere?

The source pointed to the fact that Hemisphere Chairman Peter Kern also served as a special adviser to Univision CEO Vince Sadusky, and said there was buzz of a lawsuit by other interested bidders if the group did not step aside. Neither Univision nor Kern commented.


TelevisaUnivision (formerly known as Univision Communications) is a Mexican-American media company headquartered in Miami and Mexico City, which owns the American Spanish language broadcast network Univision. 45% of the company is held by the Mexican media conglomerate Televisa, a major programming partner for Univision.


Univision Communications Inc. was founded in 1962; 60 years ago , as Spanish International Communications Corporation (parent of Spanish International Network) by Rene Anselmo, an American-Mexican TV executive of Cuban-Italian-American descent, Emilio Nicolas, Sr., owner of KUAL-TV (now KWEX-DT) in San Antonio, and Mexican radio-TV magnate Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta, head of …


TelevisaUnivision’s portfolio of properties consists of broadcast, cable, and digital networks. TelevisaUnivision’s properties also include consumer products and brand licensing.
TelevisaUnivision provides programming throughout Mexico through four networks, and in the United States via Univision and UniMásthrough local affiliates. 253 Mexican local television stations (54.8% of the total commercial stations), and 59 US local television stations air progra…


Univision and its executives have been recognized for their news, entertainment, humanitarian efforts and sports.
Univision News has been recognized with the Peabody, Walter Cronkite and Gracies awards for its special “Entre el abandono y el rechazo”; the King of Spain International (Digital) Journalism Award for “Niños de la Frontera” part of Univision Noticia’s La Huella Digital; and GLAAD Media A…

Corporate governance

Executive officers
• Wade Davis, Chief Executive Officer
• Jessica Rodriguez, Chief Marketing Officer and President of Entertainment
• Peter H. Lori, Chief Financial Officer

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