who owns topo chico

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The Coca-Cola Company

Who is Topo Chico owned by?

Unlike H-E-B and Whataburger, Topo Chico has never been a Texas company; it’s sourced and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico, and since 2017 it’s been owned by Coca-Cola, the sworn enemy of every die-hard Dr Pepper fan.Jul 30, 2021

Who owned Topo Chico before Coke?

The relationship between the two companies was reignited in 2001 when Topo Chico’s parent company, Procor, merged with two other bottling companies to become the second-largest Coca-Cola bottling group in Mexico. Then in 2017, Coca-Cola acquired the mineral water brand for $220 million.Jul 9, 2021

Is Topo Chico owned by Coca-Cola?

The sparkling water company is owned and distributed by Coca-Cola.Sep 13, 2021

What’s so special about Topo Chico?

The naturally carbonated water has a softer mouthfeel than other sparkling waters, bathing the tongue in a gentle fizz, rather than imparting it with a crisp bite, a la La Croix. And while I find most mineral waters too salty, Topo Chico has a nice, subtle salinity, laced with a hint of citrus.Dec 23, 2019

Who is Perrier owned by?

Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, the source for which dates back over 100 million years, became part of the Nestlé Waters North America family of brands in 1992.

Why is Topo Chico named Little Mole?

The name Topo Chico–little mole–comes from the Cerro del Topo Chico near the Cerro del Silla, which rests atop the underground reservoir that is Topo Chico’s source. Its mole-like appearance earned it this moniker. The inactive volcano is also near the area of Mexico’s first Coca-Cola bottling plant.Jul 30, 2021

Who owns San Pellegrino?

Nestlé Waters is a Swiss multinational bottled water division of Nestlé.


Why is Topo Chico sold out?

“Topo Chico supply issues are due to a glass shortage, which is impacting the entire industry,” the spokeswoman says. The Topo Chico shortages were first reported in late July. It’s unclear how long the H-E-B restrictions have been in place.Oct 12, 2021

Why is Topo Chico sold out everywhere?

There’s a nationwide shortage of the stuff right now. “Due to extremely strong consumer demand and a shortage of raw materials, our stock of Topo Chico is temporarily tight,” the Coca-Cola-owned company said in a statement to WFAA Friday.Aug 2, 2021

Is Topo Chico toxic?

Some sparkling water brands may contain high levels of risky chemicals called PFAS, a report found. A new study from Consumer Reports found high levels of risky chemicals known as PFAS in popular brands of sparkling water , including Topo Chico, Polar, Bubly, and La Croix.Sep 26, 2020

Is Topo Chico the same as club soda?

Sparkling mineral water is made with water from a mineral spring, like Perrier or Topo Chico. Club soda is carbonated water infused with added minerals, which give it a salty or lightly sweet flavor. Additives you may see in club soda are potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, or sodium bicarbonate.Mar 28, 2021

How many Topo Chico can you drink?

As long as there is not added salt, sugar or other ingredients,” she said. Dr. Frantz ran a few numbers and found drinking four or five Topo Chico’s, can add to about 3 percent of your daily average sodium intake. But most of us that’s no problem.Jun 30, 2017
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Is Topo Chico sparkling water?

Topo Chico isn’t just a brand in the sparkling water category, however. While it may be trending upwards nationally as Austin, Houston, and San Antonio become huge hot spots for transplants moving into the cities, its loyal following has always begun with both Mexican consumers and Hispanic consumers in the United States.

When did Coca Cola start in Mexico?

In 1926 , Topo Chico became the first Coca-Cola bottler in Mexico after earning the soft drink franchise for the brand. A few decades later, the brand created a modern plant to bottle only Coca-Cola so that the original plants could focus solely on Topo Chico Mineral Water and its varieties. Instagram.

Where is Topo Chico bottled?

Topo Chico will continue to be imported from the same natural source in Cerro del Topo Chico in northern México where it has been bottled exclusively since 1895. The Coca-Cola system has a long history with the brand. The first bottle of Coca-Cola in Mexico was bottled at a Topo Chico facility in the 1920s.

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What is the legend of Topo Chico?

The legend of Topo Chico speaks to the virtues of the water. An Aztec princess suffered from a terrible disease that no doctors had been able to cure. Travelers brought her to a hidden water source that flowed at high temperatures, in which one only needed to bathe in or drink from to regain “vigor, joy, strength and refreshment.” The princess recovered, and word spread throughout the kingdom, and the legend has been passed on from generation to generation.

Its Origin Story Dates Back to 1440

The story begins nearly 600 years ago, when an Aztec princess came down with an unrecognizable disease. No one in the kingdom knew of a cure, so the king’s oldest priests spoke up about a nearby spring where the water was known to restore health and vitality.

Topo Chico Is Named After the Mole-Shaped Hill

Part of the allure of Topo Chico is how its name rolls off the tongue. When translated, its name nods to the mole-shaped hill where the spring water is sourced: “Topo” means “mole,” and “chico” means “small.”

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Topo Chico Acquired Coca-Cola Long Before Coca-Cola Acquired Topo Chico

The relationship between Coca-Cola and Topo Chico is about 100 years old. In the 1920s, Topo Chico obtained the rights to bottle the soft drink in Mexico. It was the first company in Mexico to do so. It continued to bottle for another couple of decades until Coca-Cola moved its bottling to a brand new plant.

Count It Toward Your Daily Electrolytes

As a mineral water, Topo Chico contains — you guessed it — minerals. The company is transparent about which minerals it includes and compares its levels against FDA standards. Its mineral list includes magnesium, calcium, and sodium, all of which are considered essential electrolytes vital for key functions in the body.

Some Call It Salty

Because of Topo Chico’s noticeable sodium level, drinkers claim it tastes a bit salty. This mild salinity helps create a refreshing profile and adds a nice note of complexity when mixing salt-rimmed concoctions — like Martha Stewart’s recipe for Marfa Ranch Water.

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There Are Some Die-Hard Topo Chico Fans Out There

Loyal Topo Chico drinkers claim it’s the best mineral water on the market due to its high — almost aggressive — levels of carbonation. One woman in Orange, Calif., took her love for the drink to new heights with a tattoo of Topo Chico Mineral Water on her arm.

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