Who owns the sidewalk in


There are two schools of thought here. One is that, in most cases, it is actually the municipality in which you live that owns that land (and the sidewalk, too). In gated or private communities, however, that area would belong to the property owner.

Most sidewalks that are adjacent to city streets are actually public property. Cities typically own a right of way that includes not only the street itself, but also the land adjacent to the roadway. This usually includes the sidewalk and, in some municipalities, even extends some distance past the sidewalk.Jan 15, 2020


Is the sidewalk private or public property?

Nov 04, 2009 · Every tenant, occupant or owner having the care or charge of any land or building fronting on any street in the city, where there is a sidewalk paved with concrete, brick, stone or other material shall, within twenty-four (24) hours after the fall of any snow or sleet, or the accumulation of ice caused by freezing rainfall, cause the same to be removed from the …

Who owns the sidewalk in front of my house?

Mar 20, 2014 · Back in 2009, a woman tripped and fell in front of a building at 219 Echo Place in The Bronx when she stepped into a deep sinkhole obscured by water near a fire hydrant on the sidewalk. The woman filed a personal injury lawsuit for negligent maintenance of the sidewalk against the City of New York as the owner of the sidewalk as well as against Anvernic, LLC and …

Is the sidewalk part of your property or the city?

Answer (1 of 5): The city has an easement for it. You pay property taxes on it, but can’t charge a toll for using it, block it, or keep others from using it. You are charged an assessment to put it in, even. And if someone slips on ice or snow on it, and gets hurt, you can be sued by them. I bet …

Is sidewalk private property?

Nov 08, 2021 · The sidewalk maintenance policy states “Property owners are responsible for the sidewalk relief area adjacent to their lots. This means keeping it free of obstructions, safe for use by pedestrians and maintained in good condition at all times.”


Are sidewalks public property in Indiana?

The court acknowledged that, as in Indiana, there is no common law duty upon an owner to keep the sidewalk adjacent to his property in a safe condition.

Do cities own land between sidewalk and street?

In California, municipalities and counties usually own the sidewalks next to private property, but California state law long enacted states that the landowners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk fronting their property in a safe and usable manner.

Who owns the space between the street and sidewalk?

The land is often public property, with maintenance usually being a municipal responsibility. Some municipal authorities, however, require that abutting property owners maintain their respective verge areas, as well as the adjunct footpaths or sidewalks.

Is the grass next to the sidewalk private property?

To answer the question precisely “No” you don’t own the grass between the sidewalk and the curb. Although you don’t own the boulevard, it might be your responsibility to maintain it. This may include the sidewalk and the areas surrounding it but not the curb.Aug 19, 2021

Do I own the verge outside my house?

As a general rule Land Registry title plans do not show roads, pavements or grass verges outside of a building or parcel of land. However, there is a legal presumption in common law that the property fronting onto the road includes ownership of the paving, grass verge and road to the mid-point thereof.

Who owns the sidewalk in front of my house Florida?

Florida premises liability for public property

Many sidewalks are public property, which means they’re not owned by a specific person or business. They are part of the public domain, like roadways, and it’s usually the city or municipality’s responsibility to maintain them.

Who owns the grass between the sidewalk and the curb Los Angeles?

Answer: Public Works Road Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and trees between the sidewalk and curb in the unincorporated areas of the County.

What is the space between sidewalk and street called?

But that narrow space between sidewalk and street — sometimes called a boulevard, median, hellstrip, parkway, verge or tree belt — is a gardening challenge. For starters, it’s probably owned by the municipality but falls to the homeowner to maintain.Jul 4, 2014

Common-area easement explained

This common-area easement is owned by the municipality in which it is located. For this reason, if the grass between the sidewalk and the curb is not properly maintained by either the municipal or its residence, then all citizens of that municipality are adversely affected.

Whose responsibility is it to maintain the grass between the sidewalk and curb?

This question can become extremely complex if multiple homeowners are involved.

How to keep the area between the sidewalk and curb tidy

Here are some simple rules that most municipals would like residence to follow when it comes to maintaining the area along the edge of the sidewalk, regardless of who owns the grass between the sidewalk and the curb.


Make sure you know what your city municipal says about the common-area easement. This is a critical issue that can affect all homeowners within the municipality. In some cases, the municipal will maintain the grass between the sidewalk and the curb, while in other areas, it’s homeowners’ responsibility.

Bonus: Sampling of State Statues

Here are some examples of sidewalk laws in different states and cities, which can help you determine who owns the land between the sidewalk and the curb in your area. Push command F or control F to find your State (if I could find an applicable law related to who owns the grass between the sidewalk and the curb, I threw it in here).

Is the property owner responsible for sidewalks?

The good news is that the property owner is not responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalks. When there are major issues – cracking or missing chunks – it is up to the city to come out and fix the damage.

Where is the sidewalk located on a property?

In most cases, the part of the sidewalk located at the front of a property runs in a longer line along that street. It could also be one that leads from the street to your home, depending on the location and layout of the property.

What is the grass between the sidewalk and the curb called?

In some residential areas, though, there is a little slab of grass that resides between the sidewalk and the curb. More often than not, that is referred to as a tree lawn. It is meant to provide a buffer between the street and sidewalk while also enhancing the curb appeal of the land.

What happens when there is no sidewalk?

Even when there is no sidewalk, the town generally has right of way to at least the first several feet of that given property. Things can get a little more complicated when there is no sidewalk, so checking community guidelines is advisable there.

Is sidewalk public property?

The short answer is that it depends. For smaller suburbs and cities, particularly in the aforementioned residential areas, sidewalks are considered to be public property. That said, the upkeep and maintenance of the grass is up to the homeowner of the adjacent property.

What is the right of way in a community?

There is actually a specific rule in place when it comes to the ownership of land by the community. This rule is called the right of way and, though it varies from community to community, there are a couple of basic rules of thumb that you can follow. Many municipalities have a 50-foot right of way. That right of way is a declaration of ownership …

What is the right of way in land ownership?

There is actually a specific rule in place when it comes to the ownership of land by the community. This rule is called the right of way and, though it varies from community to community, there are a couple of basic rules of thumb that you can follow.

Who Owns The Grass Between The Sidewalk And The Street?

The land is frequently public property, and maintenance is normally the duty of the municipality. Abutting property owners may be required by some local authorities to maintain their separate fringe areas, as well as any accompanying walkways or sidewalks in front of your house.

What Is The Space Between The Sidewalk And Curb Called?

Beautifying a yard or a neighborhood starts at the curb. It’s a gardener’s nightmare to maintain that little strip of land or sidewalk grass and street known as a boulevard, devil strip, and many more names.

Why do sidewalks often have trees and grass?

The site of grass and trees between sidewalks and roadways towards the north is likely for aesthetic reasons, as well as increased pedestrian protection. It doesn’t help when cars lose control and drive up the front garden to crash into a home.

What is an easement compared to a right of way?

Easements are non-possessory real estate interests. An easement is permission to use someone else’s property for a certain purpose.

Do You Own The Curb In Front Of Your House?

In most cases, no, but maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. The sidewalk is frequently included in this, yet not any curbing if present.

Who Does The Curb Belong To?

Although the property owner may own that small area of grass, this is not always the case. The simple fact is that properties can be separated in a variety of ways. Checking with the city is the most reliable approach to learn who owns the tree yard.

Whose Responsibility is It To Maintain Grass Between the Sidewalk and Curb?

Even though most property owners do not own that piece of grass, guess who handles its upkeep? It isn’t the city, just to give you a hint. The property owner handles the upkeep of the grass between the curb and the sidewalk, despite not owning it.

Is a sidewalk a public property?

But sidewalks are more of a gray area.”. By these definitions, sidewalks are public property, just like streets are public property. Since the city is responsible for maintaining city streets, it should follow that the city is responsible for the sidewalks, too. However, that’s not the case, thanks to state laws and property lines.

What does it mean when a property abuts a sidewalk?

Abutting property means that if your property goes to the sidewalk, your property abuts the sidewalk — which means you’re responsible for its maintenance, and the city can make you construct or repair sidewalks abutting your property. However, the city does share some responsibility, according to city attorney Larry Barkes, …

What is public right of way?

The section defines public right of way as “any street, avenue, boulevard, highway, road, thoroughfare, sidewalk, alley or any other property which is owned or controlled by a governmental entity.”. In the same section, public property is defined as “all real property which is owned or controlled by a governmental entity, …

What is the rule of thumb for sidewalks in Indiana?

According to Toni Mayo at the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the state agency uses a “rule of thumb” for sidewalks and other properties. “When the state comes in to repair or pave a state road, we take of it curb to curb,” Mayo said. “That means anything on back of the curb isn’t ours.”.

Can you vault under the sidewalk?

According to City Civil Engineer Mary Cripe, no, they shouldn’t. “There are vaults under the sidewalk on Main Street, leading to many of the businesses,” she said. “Some were used as coal chutes, or basement access or other reasons.

Is Main Street a state highway?

Main Street is a state highway, with private property on either side. Focusing on the downtown district, from Pike Street to Madison Street, Main Street’s zoning puts property lines right to the front of the businesses, not to the center of the street. More specifically, the downtown zoning district, B2 zoning, …

Who is responsible for sidewalks?

Often, the homeowner may prove responsible and liable for certain sidewalk issues, such as snow removal, while the municipality may be responsible for others. Sometimes, depending on the situation, both parties are responsible.

Is a property owner responsible for sidewalk damage?

As of July 1, 2017, property owners are responsible for other types of sidewalk damage, but not that caused by street trees. However, if the tree damage existed prior to July 1, 2017, the property owner is still considered responsible.

What happens if you are sued for a sidewalk?

If you’re sued, your insurance company will likely provide an attorney to fight the case, although it’s more likely a settlement will take place.

Who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance in a subdivision?

In an ordinary subdivision, the homeowner may bear all responsibility, but if the subdivision is governed by a homeowner’s association, that entity may be in charge of sidewalk maintenance. If you live in a community with a HOA, find out the rules regarding sidewalk upkeep.

Do cities pay for sidewalk maintenance?

Although the laws vary, in general, larger cities will pay for sidewalk upkeep. That’s often not the case in suburbs and small towns, where the private property owner is responsible not only for keeping the sidewalk clear of debris and snow, but also for repairs and replacement. It also depends on the type of property.

Does the association own the sidewalk?

The association did not modify the plat to show that the sidewalks are in “Tract A.”. 1. The association does not own the sidewalk. The association only owns the property located within the boundaries of “Tract A” as shown on the plat.

Does the HOA own the ground under the sidewalk?

He wanted to avoid responsibility for maintaining it. The HOA’s lawyer has stated the case correctly, you own the ground under the sidewalk and the HOA owns the concrete slab on top of it. Because of the easement for a sidewalk, even if you did own the slab you cannot lawfully prevent others from using it.

What is the difference between sidewalk and utilities?

The only difference between the sidewalk and the utilities is that you can see the sidewalk. I would concur with those who said the HOA has done you a favor by taking ownership of the cement slab that lies on top of the ground in the sidewalk easement. It is now the HOA’s responsibility to maintain the sidewalk.


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