Who owns the chargers


Who has owned the Chargers?

San Diego Chargers
Team colors Navy blue, powder blue, gold, white
Fight song San Diego Super Chargers
Owner(s) Barron Hilton (1961–1966) Eugene Klein and Sam Schulman (1966–1984) Alex Spanos (1984–2016)

21 more rows

What does the Spanos family own?

Alexander Gus Spanos (September 28, 1923 – October 9, 2018) was an American billionaire real estate developer, founder of the A. G. Spanos Companies, and the majority owner of the San Diego / Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL).

Does Jeff Bezos want to buy the Chargers?

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos has expressed interest in owning the Chargers. Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is more than $180 billion, could easily afford to buy the Chargers.Apr 1, 2021

Why is Dean Spanos rich?

Dean Spanos: $1 Billion Net Worth

Dean Spanos took over full ownership of the Chargers in 2018 when his father, Alex Spanos, passed away. Alex Spanos purchased majority interest in the Chargers in 1984 for $72 million. Spanos drew heavy criticism and scorn for moving the franchise from San Diego to Los Angeles in 2017.Apr 19, 2021

Does the Spanos family still own the Chargers?

The Spanos Family collectively owns 96 percent of the Los Angeles Chargers, divided as follows: Fifteen percent each, for a total of 60 percent, for each of the four children of Alex and Faye Spanos: Dean, Dea, Alexis Spanos Ruhl and Michael Spanos; and the 36 percent by the trust established by Faye and Alex Spanos.Apr 1, 2021

How much are the Chargers worth?

around 2.92 billion U.S. dollars
In 2021, the franchise value amounted to around 2.92 billion U.S. dollars. The Los Angeles Chargers are owned by the Spanos family, who bought the franchise for 72 million U.S. dollars in 1984.

Is Jeff Bezos buying a NFL team?

When news first broke that the Broncos could be put up for sale, initial speculation suggested Bezos could buy Denver’s NFL team. But that was quickly shot down, with Bezos reportedly not interested in buying the club.Mar 6, 2022

How much are the Rams worth?

$4.8 billion
The Rams are now worth $4.8 billion, according to Forbes.Feb 13, 2022

When did La buy the Rams?

Dan Reeves, a shrewd businessman and a master innovator who had bought the team in 1941, decided to move the Rams to Los Angeles for the 1946 season.

Who owns the SoFi Stadium?

Stan Kroenke
SoFi is home to the Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. The stadium is owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (Stan Kroenke is the owner of the Rams). It has a capacity of 70,240, which is expandable up to 100,240 for major events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics.Feb 8, 2022

Who is the richest NFL owner?

Top 15 richest owners in the NFL
  • David Tepper, Panthers: $16.7 billion (103rd-richest person in the world)
  • Stan Kroenke, Rams: $10.7 billion.
  • Jerry Jones, Cowboys: $10.6 billion.
  • Robert Kraft, Patriots: $8.3 billion (up two spots)
  • Stephen Ross, Dolphins: $8.2 billion.
  • Shahid Khan, Jaguars: $7.6 billion.
Apr 7, 2022

Who owns AG Spanos?

Founder Alex Spanos also owns the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. He has handed over the reins of the family-owned companies to his sons Dean (president and CEO) and Michael Spanos (EVP). What is D&B’s ESG Ranking?

How much do the Chargers cost?

Well in 2016 the Chargers were worth $2.08 billion. We did not know it at the time but that would be their final year in San Diego. In 2017, after a failed ballot initiative asking for more than $1 billion dollars in public tax money, they moved to L.A. and were worth, according to Forbes … $2.275 billion.

How much are the Raiders worth?

According to Forbes Magazine, the Raiders now rank 34th in the world with a $2.1 billion valuation after experiencing a one-year change of 47 percent — the second highest increase among the 51 teams. The Raiders, who had an operating income was $46 million, were not ranked in the Top 50 last year.

Who is the richest owner in the NFL?

Terrence Pegula, Buffalo Bills — $4.3 billion. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys— $5.6 billion. Robert Kraft, New England Patriots — $6.2 billion. Shahid Khan, Jacksonville Jaguars — $7.4 billion. Stephen M. Stan Kroenke, Los Angeles Rams — $8.1 billion. Paul Allen, Seattle Seahawks — $20.9 billion.

Why did the Chargers move to LA?

The Chargers didn’t move from San Diego to Los Angeles hoping to reverse the trend of opposing fan takeovers. They moved to Los Angeles so they could play in a brand new $5-billion stadium in the country’s second-biggest media market. They’re not going to pull the plug on that months before the stadium opens.

How did Alex and Faye Spanos die?

STOCKTON — Faye Spanos, the wife of Stockton developer Alex Spanos and the “bedrock” of her family as her husband once called her, died Tuesday night at age 92 of undisclosed causes.

How much are NFL owners worth?

The cutoff this year is $2.1 billion, flat from 2018. The team owners are worth $247 billion collectively. David Tepper ($12 billion) is the second-richest American sports owner and the wealthiest of the 16 NFL owners on the Forbes 400 after the October 2018 death of Paul Allen.

Are the Rams and Chargers sharing a stadium?

In 2020, the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will share a stadium in Inglewood, California. According to a report by Bloomberg, the airline will pay $90 million over 10 years to sponsor the stadium.

Where are the Chargers located?

The Los Angeles Chargers are a professional American football team based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Chargers compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference (AFC) West division. The Chargers play their home games at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, …

What is the Chargers logo?

On January 12, 2017, with the announcement that the Chargers were moving to Los Angeles, the team unveiled a new alternate logo incorporating the letters “LA” with a lightning bolt.

Where do the Chargers play their home games?

The Chargers play their home games at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, which the club shares with the Los Angeles Rams . The club was founded as a Los Angeles-based team on August 14, 1959, and began play on September 10, 1960, as a charter member of the American Football League (AFL).

When did the Chargers move to San Diego?

They spent their first season in Los Angeles before relocating to San Diego in 1961 to become the San Diego Chargers.

When did the Chargers join the NFL?

The Chargers joined the NFL as result of the AFL–NFL merger in 1970. The Chargers returned to Los Angeles prior to the 2017 season after 56 seasons in San Diego, just one year after the Rams had moved back to the city from St. Louis.

How many retired Chargers are there?

The Chargers currently have four retired numbers: #14 ( Dan Fouts ), #19 ( Lance Alworth ), #21 ( LaDainian Tomlinson) and #55 ( Junior Seau ). As of 2010, the Chargers’ policy was to have the Chargers Hall of Fame committee evaluate candidates for a player’s number to retire after the player has retired from the league after five years, Seau was the only exception to this policy. The committee consists of Chargers Executive Vice President Alex Spanos, Chargers public relations director Bill Johnston, San Diego Hall of Champions founder Bob Breitbard, and the presidents of the San Diego Sports Commission and the Chargers Backers Fan Club. There are few recognized guidelines in sports regarding retiring numbers, and the NFL has no specific league policy. “You have to have enough numbers for players to wear”, said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. The Chargers have rarely retired numbers. The San Diego Union-Tribune wrote, “The [Chargers] tend to honor their heritage haphazardly.”

When was the Chargers Hall of Fame created?

Main article: Los Angeles Chargers Hall of Fame. The Chargers created their Hall of Fame in 1976. The members of the Hall of Fame are honored at the Chargers Ring of Honor, founded in 2000 and viewable above the visiting team ‘s sideline of Qualcomm Stadium on the press level.

How much did the Chargers move to Los Angeles?

When the Chargers moved to Los Angeles in 2017 after 56 seasons in San Diego, they faced the daunting task of paying off a $650-million relocation fee to the NFL and building a fan base in a market crowded with college and professional sports.

Who is Patrick Goodman?

Patrick Goodman, a probate law expert who teaches at UCLA, believes the petition raises serious issues. “A trustee for the trust owes a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries regardless of how co-trustees might sentimentally view the asset,” he said.



Franchise history

The Chargers were established with seven other American Football League teams in 1959. They began AFL play in Los Angeles the following year in 1960. The Chargers’ original owner was hotel heir Barron Hilton, son of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton. According to the official website of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Barron Hilton agreed after his general manager, Frank Leahy, picked t…

Logos and uniforms

Except for color changes along the way, the Chargers have essentially used the logo of an arc-shaped lightning bolt since the team debuted in 1960. During its period in the AFL, the club also used a shield logo that featured a horsehead, a lightning bolt, and the word “Chargers”. The team brought the logo back for on-field design in the 2018 season.


The Chargers–Raiders rivalry dates to the 1963 season, when the Raiders defeated the heavily favored Chargers twice, both come-from-behind fourth quarter victories. One of the most memorable games between these teams was the “Holy Roller” gamein 1978, in which the Raiders intentionally fumbled in order to score a touchdown. This somewhat controversial play resulted in a rule change the following season. On November 22, 1982, the Raiders hosted their first Monda…

Season-by-season record

The table below shows the five most recent NFL regular season records along with their respective finish in the NFL playoffs. The Los Angeles Chargers appeared in the postseason in one of the five last seasons, which happened in 2018 that resulted in a Divisional loss to the Patriots. Recent notable honors with current members of the Los Angeles Chargers include NFL Rookie of the Year in 2016 for Joey Bosa (Defensive) and in 2020 for Justin Herbert (Offensive) along with NFL Come…

Players of note

The Chargers currently have four retired numbers: #14 (Dan Fouts), #19 (Lance Alworth), #21 (LaDainian Tomlinson) and #55 (Junior Seau). As of 2010, the Chargers’ policy was to have the Chargers Hall of Famecommittee evaluate candidates for a player’s number to retire after the player has retired from the league after five years, Seau was the only exception to this policy. The commit…

Radio and television

The Chargers’ flagship radio station is KYSR-FM Alt 98.7 in Los Angeles, with daily coverage and special programming on KLAC-AM 570 LA Sports Play-by-play voice Matt “Money” Smith & NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah comprise the broadcast team. KYSR-FM’s iHeartMedia Los Angeles sister-station KFI AM 640served as the previous flagship station for the team since the Chargers’ ret…

Theme song

The Chargers’ fight song, “San Diego Super Chargers”, was recorded in 1979 at the height of the team’s success with Air Coryell, and has a distinctly disco sound. The team under then-new owner Alex Spanos replaced the song in 1989 with a non-disco cover version, but the original version was revived in 2002. The team played this song at home games after Chargers scores and victories until it departed San Diego. From time to time during highlights of NFL PrimeTime, ESPN’s Chris …

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