who owns radio shack


In May 2015, General Wireless Inc., an affiliate of Standard General, bought the company’s assets, including the RadioShack brand name and related intellectual property, for US$26.2 million.

Who was the founder of RadioShack?

Brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann
RadioShack Company History Timeline. Brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann founded it in 1921 to sell ham radio equipment. The company was started as Radio Shack in 1921 by two brothers, Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, who wanted to provide equipment for the then-nascent field of amateur, or ham radio.Dec 14, 2021

When did RadioShack go out of business?

In February 2015, RadioShack (RSHCQ), a renowned electronics store, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following many financial and operational missteps.

Why did RadioShack close down?

But after its heyday, from its success with ham radio enthusiasts through the early 1980s, the company made a number of missteps. Some of these involved failing to spot up-and-coming competition, such as Amazon, while others included confused marketing strategies and a poor mix of inventory.Feb 3, 2015

What is RadioShack now?

RadioShack brand acquired by new owner of Pier 1, Modell’s IP.Nov 19, 2020

Is RadioShack still in business 2021?

Sprint will keep the RadioShack brand alive in the form of “store within a store” departments in up to 1,750 of those locations. The remaining company-owned RadioShack locations will be closed. The company was 94 years old.Feb 6, 2015

Is RadioShack coming back?

RadioShack is coming back. Retail Ecommerce Ventures has acquired assets and marketing materials from Radio Shack and plans to relaunch the iconic brand as an online-only property.Nov 24, 2020

Who owned Incredible Universe?

Tandy Corporation
Incredible Universe was the name of a chain of American consumer electronics stores in the early to mid-1990s.

Incredible Universe.
Type Consumer electronics, home appliances, personal computers and accessories
Parent Tandy Corporation

5 more rows

What did RadioShack sell?

RadioShack was the place to go for batteries, phone chargers and headphones. Those are products that Amazon sells under its own brand name in vast quantities.Nov 24, 2020

How many stores did RadioShack have?

In its heyday, Fort Worth-based RadioShack had 7,300 stores and could claim that it had a store within three miles of 95% of all American households.May 31, 2017

When did RadioShack close in Canada?

The chain goes back over 40 years in Canada, initially as Radio Shack and later as The Source by Circuit City.

The Source (retailer)
Trade name The Source
Formerly RadioShack Canada (1986–2004) The Source by Circuit City (2004–2009)
Type Subsidiary
Industry Retail

7 more rows


Does Toys R Us have a website?

Toys R Us, which closed its doors two years ago, opened a couple of small stores and it has a website. However, the Toys R Us site redirects those who want toys to Amazon.com. REV says that its much leaner RadioShack will sell from its own website and an Amazon storefront.

Is Amazon a disrupter?

And therein lies REV’s challenge. Megachains like Walmart and Target have been able to slow Amazon’s encroachment, but Amazon is the ultimate disrupter. It has upended industries from tech and grocery, to global shipping.

Why did Radioshack get a loan?

Because RadioShack had experienced negative earnings since 2012, the company needed significant capital infusions to stay solvent. In October 2013, RadioShack was able to obtain a $585 million line of credit from GE Capital and the $250 million term loan from Salus. The $250 million term loan came with the condition that RadioShack could not close more than 200 stores per year without Salus’ consent.

How many times did Radioshack change its CEO?

From 2005 to 2014, the company changed its chief executive officers seven times. Joseph Magnacca joined RadioShack in 2013 as its CEO to speed up the turnaround.

When did Radioshack open?

In 1973, Tandy Corporation began an expansion program outside their home market of the US, opening a chain of RadioShack-style stores in Europe and Australia under the Tandy name. The first store to open was in Aartselaar, Belgium on August 9, 1973. The first UK store opened October 11, 1973, in Hall Green, Birmingham.

What is the name of the company that sold copper knickknacks?

In 1973, Tandy launched a subsidiary company called Coppercraft Guild, which sold solid copper knickknacks and housewares through a network marketing channel. Most notable were the “Franklin Cups” which were based on a design by Benjamin Franklin, sold in packs of six. The product line folded after about five years. Coppercraft Guild items are still popular with collectors on eBay .

When was Tandy Leather founded?

Tandy Leather was founded in 1919 as a leather supply store and acquired a number of craft retail companies, including RadioShack in 1963. In 2000, the Tandy Corporation name was dropped and the entity became the RadioShack Corporation.

When did Charles Tandy die?

Charles Tandy died on November 4, 1978, at the age of 60. Concurrently, key stakeholders began to question the direction of the company. Wray Thompson subsequently resigned from his position as President and later started The Leather Factory with Ron Morgan, which eventually purchased Tandy Leather Corporation in 2000.

When did Tandy start making computers?

Tandy was one of three companies (along with Commodore International and Apple) that started the personal computer revolution in 1977 by introducing complete pre-assembled microcomputers instead of a kit. Their TRS-80 (1977) and TRS-80 Color Computer (“CoCo”) (1980) line of home computers were popular in the years before the IBM PC became commonplace, and had wide distribution in Radio Shack stores at a time when there were few computer stores .

When did Tandy close its stores?

Most of these stores were closed as part of a 1994 restructuring plan, with 33 converted to RadioShack or Computer City Express stores. Remaining McDuff stores were closed in 1996.

When did the Edge in Electronics close?

One of the last stores open closed in San Antonio, Texas in 2001.

Who bought Radioshack?

The good news is that as of today RadioShack has officially been purchased by Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV), giving the troubled company a new lease on life. The downside, at least for folks like us, is that there are no immediate plans to return the iconic electronics retailer to its brick-and-mortar roots.

Does Fry’s have a store in Texas?

Fry’s never reached San Antonio (their financial problems began just before they would have opened a location), and their Austin store was on the far side of a traffic nightmare. (It takes as long to drive across Austin as it does to get there.) So for me, Microcenter is a mere legend told in tales.

Is Micro Center closed?

Micro Center closed a store in Santa Clara in 2012. It got too expensive to do business in Silicon Valley. They have not opened a new store in that area; they do have one in Tustin CA, near Los Angeles. So far as I know, that’s their only location that has disappeared.

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