Who owns liar.com


Who owns the Libra Group?

Feb 01, 2022 · Liar.com redirects to Justin Trudeau’s Wikipedia page, and its owner remains a mystery – but many details point the page’s owner to being none other than Tesla’s Technoking and CEO Elon Musk, the world’s most powerful meme lord.. The discovery was made after a $42,069 donation to the freedom convoy, under the name “www.Liar.com”. Whois.com shows …

Is Elon Musk responsible for the liar redirect on Twitter?

Apr 02, 2022 · And the email to which the website admin is 4570943@privacy-link.com. The mailing address of the owner is PO Box 30485 , Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1-1202, KY, which is in Grand Cayman Island. This person non the less is unidentified for now. But information points that they are rich, and that they live or have some connection to Grand …

How many subsidiaries does the Lomar group have?

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Who owns the libra group?

The Libra Group is privately owned by the Logothetis family, whose members fill several key roles in the organization. George Logothetis is the company’s Chairman and CEO. Constantine Logothetis is the Executive Vice Chairman of the Libra Group.

Who owns Lomar Shipping?

The company was established by the Logothetis family in 1976 as a shipping company under the name of Lomar Shipping. In 2003 it became the Libra Group, and in the mid-2000s expanded into diverse industries. George Logothetis is the company’s founder, Chairman, and CEO. The company is privately owned by the Logothetis family.

Who is the CEO of Libra?

In 2003, George Logothetis founded the Libra Group, based in New York and London, in order to diversify and expand the shipping company into new business areas. George remains Libra Group’s Chairman and CEO.

Where is Libra located?

The Libra Group’s headquarters are located in London and New York. The company also operates 25 additional offices worldwide, including locations in Miami, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Athens. As of 2017, the company owns and operates 30 subsidiary companies around the world.

What is LHG in hotel?

LHG is Libra Group’s holding company for worldwide hotel and restaurant ownership, management and development. Elandis develops, owns, and manages real estate, including hotels and hospitality, throughout the Americas and Europe; in 2016 it opened the first Hyatt Place hotel in Brazil.

Who is Leon Logothetis?

Leon Logothetis is the former head of the company’s Los Angeles–based film company Principal Media. Fidel Andueza is Head of Americas at Libra Group, overseeing the strategic direction of the company’s interests in North, South, and Central America.

What is Greenwood Energy?

Greenwood Energy, based in the U.S., develops and produces renewable fuels including biofuels and fuel pellets, and provides fuel cell energy and combined fuel-cell heat and power plants , for utilities and for industrial customers including hotels, university campuses, and other public buildings.


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