who owns gymshark


Ben Francis

Is gymshark a British company?

Founder, Owner & Chief Product Officer, Gymshark Ltd. Birmingham, United Kingdom. Ben Francis is the Founder and ambitious entrepreneur behind …

What happened to the founder of gymshark?

Aug 24, 2021 · Ben Francis founded Gymshark, now a $1 billion fitnesswear brand, when he was just 19 years old. In 2015, he stepped down as CEO in …

Why did Lewis Morgan sell his share of gymshark?

Who owns the company Gymshark? Ben Francis is the founder and entrepreneur of the ambition behind the UK fitness brand leader, Gymshark. Ben founded Gymshark when he was 19, still a student at Aston University. In addition to his full commitment to education, Ben juggled working as a pizza man to finance his Gymshark business.

Who is gymshark co-founder Ben Francis?

Aug 18, 2021 · Who owns Gymshark? At the time of this Gymshark review, the brand is owned by the founder, Ben Francis. Where is Gymshark made? The company says that they are based in the UK with headquarters in Solihull, England.


Who now owns Gymshark?

Ben Francis
Ben Francis (born 4 June 1992) is a British businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Gymshark. With a stake over 70% in Gymshark, Francis has a net worth of £700m as of 2021.

Is Gymshark privately owned?

In August last year, Mr Francis orchestrated the sale of a 21% stake to General Atlantic, the private equity firm. He retains a controlling stake in the company, making him one of Britain’s wealthiest people under 30.Oct 12, 2021

Does Lewis Morgan still own Gymshark?

Jemima Hunter. The co-founder of Gymshark and chairman at the AYBL Group, Lewis Morgan, cashed out of the business he owned with Ben Francis in 2020. After selling his shares for a hundred million, no one knew the reason behind the entrepreneur walking away from such a high valued company.Feb 3, 2022

Is Gymshark an American company?

Our legacy began in 2012, from a garage in Birmingham, UK with nothing but a sewing machine, a screen-printer and ambitions we had no right to hold.

How is Gymshark funded?

Who invested in Gymshark ? Gymshark is funded by General Atlantic .

What is Gymshark known for?

Then 19-year-old Ben Francis and a group of his high-school friends founded Gymshark in 2012. The UK-based company may only be a decade old, but it has quickly emerged as a major player worldwide for athletic apparel, holding its own with big names like Nike, Adidas and Champion in gyms around the world.Jan 11, 2022

How much did Lewis Morgan sell his shares from Gymshark?

£100 million
This culminated in Lewis exiting the Solihull-based business in 2020 following a deal with US private equity firm General Atlantic which enabled him to offload all of his shares for £100 million.Jan 17, 2022

Is Ben Francis a billionaire?

The founder of a $1 billion fitnesswear brand once felt too young to be CEO. Now he’s back in the role. Ben Francis founded Gymshark, now a $1 billion fitnesswear brand, when he was just 19 years old.Aug 24, 2021

Is Gymshark a billion dollar company?

Founded by 29-year-old British entrepreneur Ben Francis from the bedroom of his parent’s house in 2012, the company is now valued at over $1.3 billion following stellar sales and the acquisition of around a fifth of the business by General Atlantic.Dec 15, 2021

What sector is Gymshark in?

the fitness industry
As a company in the fitness industry, Gymshark promote employee wellbeing by providing free, healthy breakfast and fruit everyday.

Where is Gymshark shipped from?

the UK
As all orders from our US and ROW stores are shipped directly from the UK, you may be susceptible to customs fees. Customs fees will be charged upon the package reaching the destination country.

Is Gymshark big in USA?

Our customer service team was also based in the UK. Despite those shortcomings, we have still attracted more than 1.5 million active customers in the US. It represents a significant part of our £400 million sales — which goes to show what you can do when you have an engaged community and an accessible product range.Jul 14, 2021

Where is Gymshark made?

Gymshark is a fitness apparel & accessories brand, manufacturer and online retailer based in the United Kingdom, supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers in 131 countries. Created in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and a group of his high-school friends.

When was Gymshark created?

Created in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and a group of his high-school friends. Gymshark has grown from a screen printing operation in a garage, into one of the fastest growing and most recognisable brands in fitness.

About Gymshark

Working out should just be about feeling good, but who says you can’t look good doing it? If you’ve been thinking about revamping your wardrobe for the gym, check out Gymshark.

Overview of Gymshark

No one would have anticipated the humble origins of this massive global brand. It all started in 2012 when Ben Francis and his high school friends wanted to start a fitness brand. Like many success stories, this one also began in a garage, except this one was in the UK.

Gymshark Leggings Review

Out of all the Gymshark clothing, you may have seen the leggings the most across Instagram and in those home fitness workout videos keeping you busy during the pandemic.

Gymshark Shorts Review

While roughly two-thirds of the brand are marketed towards women, Gymshark men’s sportswear is also top of the line. The brand began with making clothes for men after all, and the shorts are where it is at.

Gymshark Joggers Review

Now, what about some looser pants? Gymshark joggers are a must for your cooldowns or jogs around the neighborhood when the Autumn chill sets in during the evenings.

Is Gymshark Squat Proof?

They absolutely should be! Since the brand designs their items for the gym, this Gymshark review found that they have to be squat proof since you’re meant to wear them while working out.

Does Gymshark Shrink?

Clothing products can shrink if you do not follow the cleaning instructions. Since many of the items are made from nylon, spandex, or elastane, the products can shrink in high temperatures.

Where is Lewis Morgan from?

Lewis Morgan, 28, and his friend Ben Francis, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, set up Gymshark when they were teenagers and studying business at Worcester University and Aston University in Birmingham . Working on Gymshark while living at his parents house, Lewis had a job as a potwash and a retail assistant in Burton while studying, …

How much is Gymshark worth?

In August, Gymshark was valued at £1 billion, after US private equity giant General Atlantic snapped up a 21 per cent stake in his business – making his partner Ben the richest self-made Briton under 30 with a worth of around £650million.


Gymshark is a British fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer and retailer headquartered in Solihull, England.
Founded in June 2012, Gymshark creates and distributes its own range of fitness wear.
In 2020, the company was valued at over £1 billion. Ben Francisis the majority …


Gymshark was founded by school friends Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan in 2012. Both aged 20, they set up the brand while studying at university. Francis studied at Aston University and worked as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut when he first established the company.
Gymshark started drop shipping bodybuilding supplements through its website. In 2013, it began designing and manufacturing its own fitness apparel.

Current operations

Gymshark’s products are sold directly to consumers in 180 countries via websites in 13 languages. The company employs 499 people globally.
In 2019, Gymshark made sales of £175.2 million with profit of £18.6 million. Around half of its turnover was generated in the USA. The company’s full-year revenues to July 2020 were £268 million.


Gymshark’s head office is at Blythe Valley Park in Shirley, West Midlands. Based on the park is also GSIQ, the company’s innovation centre and the Gymshark Lifting Club (GSLC)
Gymshark also has offices in London, Hong Kong, Mauritius and in 2019 the company opened its North American office in downtown Denver.

Products and marketing

Gymshark sells fitness apparel for men and women including workout vests, hoodies, t-shirts and leggings. While the brand was initially aimed at men, by 2020 approximately two thirds of sales were to women.
Gymshark was one of the first brands to make extensive use of influencer marketing by partnering with social media influencers, including YouTube body builders Nikki Blackketter and Lex Griffin. …

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