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A Liqueur With Latin Roots: Chimichurri Bartender Is Making His Own Unique Drink

While they were at a wedding in Guadalajara, where the tequila was being featured, González and Carballido met Jim McDermott, who helped them bring the tequila to Texas. McDermott is the brands co-founder and CEO, and also now Carballidos husband. González currently lives in Guadalajara, but hes also buying a home in Austin later this year.

What Makes Patron So Expensive

Patron tequila is expensive due to the combined effects of its reputation, popularity, taste, quality and packaging. The tequila is also made from what is considered the best type of agave for spirit distilling, Blue Weber Agave. The agave is grown in the worlds best region for agave production in Jalisco, Mexico.

He Was Forced To Become The Sole Breadwinner For His Household At Age 15

When his father died in 1940, leaving behind a wife and seven children, Julio, as the oldest son, was tasked with providing for the entire brood. He first hired on as a farmhand, but after recognizing that the nine pesos a week he earned from that job would hardly be enough, he set out on his first independent tequila venture

Don Julio Made Tequila What It Is Today

According to Swagger, Gonzalez set out on his journey to create a tequila that was smooth, refined, and flavorful. He envisioned it to be something people could casually sip on, like a quality glass of whiskey and far from the harsh taste of many other tequilas of the time.

He Revolutionized The Tequila Bottle Too

Until Tequila Don Julio hit the market, the traditional tequila bottle was a long, tall vessel. Placed between two guests or family members at the table, it literally obstructed social interactionyou couldnt see the person across the table from you. Don Julios round, short bottle provided a simple solution to that problem.

Best Extra Aejo: Gran Patrn Burdeos

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Cocoa powder, Dates, Caramel

Diageo And Cuervo Swap Brands: Bushmills Whiskey For Don Julio Tequila

LONDON Diageo and the family that makes Jose Cuervo tequila have agreed to swap two of their best-known brands, giving the global spirits maker a bigger presence in the tequila market.

Behind the Scene: Florencio Rodriguez, Owner of Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar

When we hear of a new restaurant coming to the Lake Nona area, the first thing that comes to mind is, “What major chain is coming?”

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A brief history of the man who crafted the world’s first luxury tequila.

The man behind the name

A brief history of the man who crafted the world’s first luxury tequila.

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