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Who is the carrier behind Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular uses two networks—AT&T and T-Mobile. That should give you adequate coverage across the US and possibly even zippy 4G LTE or 5G speeds. (Though you’ll need a 5G-enabled phone to go that fast.) Here’s what coverage looks like on the AT&T network.Jan 25, 2022

Is Consumer Cellular the same as AT&T?

Consumer Cellular and AT&T are linked in that Consumer Cellular uses AT&T’s network to service its customers. While AT&T is an actual carrier, Consumer Cellular is an independent provider that creates its own plans and packages. Both share the same network and many of the same features.Jan 18, 2022

Is Consumer Cellular owned by Verizon?

Verizon is a stand-alone company with its own proprietary network, while Consumer Cellular is not considered an actual carrier. Instead, Consumer Cellular piggybacks its service through T-Mobile.Mar 31, 2022

Did AT&T buy out Consumer Cellular?

After a bidding war that involved Dish Network, Altice USA, Ultra Mobile, a group led by Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton and others, Chicago private equity company GTCR has purchased Consumer Cellular for around $2.3 billion. Consumer Cellular is one of the country’s biggest MVNOs with almost 4 million customers.Oct 27, 2020

Is Consumer Cellular getting 5G?

Upgrade to 5G with Consumer Cellular

5G coverage is now available to Consumer Cellular customers nationwide. It’s the next generation in wireless technology, offering faster speeds for many activities and opening up exciting possibilities for the future use of wireless networks.

Is Consumer Cellular 3G or 4G?

At Consumer Cellular, all of the smartphones we currently offer are 4G LTE capable, and our nationwide network has LTE in more areas than ever before.Sep 14, 2016

Is Consumer Cellular an American company?

Consumer Cellular is an American postpaid mobile virtual network operator founded by John Marick and Greg Pryor in October 1995. The company offers cellphones, no-contract cellphone plans, and accessories with a focus on users age 50-plus.

Is Consumer Cellular leaving Target?

Consumer Cellular has been an approved AARP provider for over 10 years and offers AARP members special discounts on service. As an MVNO, it uses the networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. A Verizon spokesperson confirmed its postpaid service is leaving Target locations.

Does Consumer Cellular have Internet?

At Consumer Cellular, the gift of freedom is what we most enjoy offering you. And, as you know, having greater mobility and flexibility is especially convenient when you’re away from home. We’re excited to offer a new lightweight, compact portable internet hotspot that may be your best new travel companion.Dec 8, 2015

Is Consumer Cellular privately owned?

About Consumer Cellular

Founded 25 years ago on the belief that everyone should have affordable access to the safety and convenience of cellular service, Consumer Cellular is privately held with 2,000 employees.Oct 28, 2020

Who is the new CEO of Consumer Cellular?

What company owns AT&T?

AT&T Corporation/Parent organizations
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It Started with A Simple Idea

Consumer Cellular has grown from humble beginnings as a small startup company in the Pacific Northwest to being a respected nationwide leader in the wireless industry by staying true to our core values of affordability backed by great service.

Dedicated to Giving You More

What has truly set Consumer Cellular apart from the beginning is a deep commitment to providing unmatched value. We’ve consistently found new ways to delight our customers and eliminate unpleasant surprises from the monthly cellphone bill.

Making People & Communities Stronger

Our definition of value includes much more than just low prices and great customer support. It also means adding value to our communities.

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Building on A Solid Foundation

So much has changed in the world of wireless since 1995. In design, performance, and versatility, today’s technology is light years beyond the analog “bricks with antennas” that were then considered state-of-the-art. Consumer Cellular has grown from a bold idea into a nationwide wireless provider that is regularly included on the Inc.

What is consumer cellular?

Consumer Cellular is an MVNO that operates on both the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The company was founded in 1995 by John Marick and Greg Pryor and it is currently one of the largest and oldest MVNOs in the USA ( (source: Consumer Cellular )). Consumer Cellular’s target demographic are those aged 50 years and up.

How to unlock a cell phone?

Consumer Cellular will unlock your device for you free of charge if: 1 Your phone has been fully paid off 2 It has been used on the network for at least 6 months 3 Your account is in good standing and no money is owed 4 Your phone has not been reported lost or stolen

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Is consumer cellular good?

Keeping to the theme of “surprisingly good,” Consumer Cellular also has decent 4G data speeds. Whether you use T-Mobile or AT&T’s networks, you can expect solid data speeds. Keep in mind your speeds won’t be quite as good as they would be on T-Mobile or AT&T, but it should be comparable.

Does Consumer Cellular have unlimited data?

Consumer Cellular does indeed offer an unlimited data plan, but its price point is way too expensive for our taste. Here’s what a Consumer Cellular unlimited plan costs: At its current price point, you would be overpaying for an unlimited data plan with Consumer Cellular.

Is consumer cellular good?

If you’re looking for a reliable carrier with good coverage and U.S. based customer support, Consumer Cellular is a great option. You can’t walk into a local store for help, like you can with a big carrier, but you can get phone based support to help you with issues.

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Can I bring my own phone to Consumer Cellular?

You can bring your own phone to Consumer Cellular if it is for AT&T or T-Mobile, which opens up a lot of options. There are also tablet and a mobile hotspot options. The mobile hotspot could deliver WiFi access to your laptop or a WiFi only tablet while you are traveling, even while you are driving down the road.

Does Consumer Cellular use the same towers?

Consumer Cellular Coverage. One of the great parts of Consumer Cellular coverage is that it is nationwide and it uses the same towers as the big names you already know in wireless service. The company basically leases tower use for Consumer Cellular customers from companies that already have coverage.

Does Consumer Cellular offer 4G?

Consumer Cellular offers 4G LTE service, which means you also get same speeds as on the big brands, so you don’t have to wait longer to load a webpage just because you choose this service.

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What is consumer cellular?

Consumer cellular focuses on seniors and people who don’t use a ton of data, and this service can save you a significant amount of money versus traditional carriers. Consumer Cellular aims its wireless service at seniors who prefer low monthly cellphone bills to high data allotments.

Does Consumer Cellular offer discounts?

Consumer Cellular offers several discounts for AARP members. (The carrier has been an AARP partner since 2008.) AARP members can save 5 percent on their monthly bill; they also get a 30 percent discount on select accessories.

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