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The Early Days

Joseph Campbell, a wholesale fruit and vegetable vendor, and Abraham Anderson, a commercial canner and packer, form the firm of Anderson & Campbell in Camden, New Jersey. This would one day become Campbell Soup Company.

Introducing Campbell Soup Company

We adopt “Soup” as our middle name, officially becoming Campbell Soup Company.

Building on our Success

We launch the Campbell Soup Foundation, originally founded as the “Campbell Soup Fund,” which supports organizations driving transformative work in the communities we call home.

Becoming an Icon

Andy Warhol debuts Campbell’s Soup Can s paintings at the Ferus art gallery in Los Angeles.

Looking Toward the Future

We launch our first Employee Resource Group (ERG), the Campbell African American Network. Today known as the Black Resource Group, it is one of almost a dozen ERGs across the company that help us continue to build a more inclusive workplace.

About Us

At Campbell, the love we have for the food we make has connected us with families for over 150 years. Learn more about our company, our culture and values, get to know our leadership team, and explore our history.

Our company

At Campbell Soup Company, we’re proud of our rich history as the makers of the foods and beverages you know and love. It inspires our purpose: Connecting people through food they love.

Our strategy

Our mission is to unlock our full growth potential, driven by our strategic plan: building a winning team and culture, accelerating profitable growth, fueling investments and margins with targeted cost savings, and delivering on the promise of our purpose.

Our purpose, values, and culture

Our purpose and values are woven into the fabric of our company. Throughout Campbell, we build and nurture a supportive, diverse, inclusive environment where people can bring their real selves to work, are empowered to thrive personally and professionally, and are given opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our leadership team

Our leaders are focused on unlocking our full growth potential by building a winning team and culture, delivering results, and caring for our communities and our planet.

Our history

We were founded by fruit merchant and namesake Joseph Campbell and commercial canner Abraham Anderson in 1869 as Anderson & Campbell. We claimed the name Campbell Soup Company during Dr. John T. Dorrance’s tenure as president in honor of his groundbreaking invention—condensed soup.

Careers at Campbell

We take pride in what we do—the food we make, the ways we help communities thrive, the integral role we play in people’s lives—and we’re always looking for ways to improve. That’s why, when you join our team, we ask for your very best. In return, we offer:

Those iconic Campbell’s soup cans tell a story

The red and white cans were iconic even before Andy Warhol painted them, but they almost didn’t look like that at all. According to Food Republic ‘s look at Campbell’s branding, they say the original colors of the cans were blue and orange.

A chemist condensed Campbell’s soup

We’re fortunate enough to live in a world of convenience, and it’s easy to forget just how revolutionary the idea of condensed soup was. Campbell’s was the company that invented condensed soup, thanks to their resident chemist.

Campbell’s soup makes good… cake?

Campbell’s soup doesn’t sound like it would be a key ingredient in a delicious cake, but it absolutely can be. Campbell’s says they think it was in the 1920s — during the Great Depression — that inventive home cooks first hit on the idea of using tomato soup to make a spicy sort of cake.

Campbell’s soup reduced their salt… and then added it back

Soup can be one of the healthiest meals you can make at home, but what about the stuff you pour from the can? In 2010, Campbell’s soup took some major strides toward lowering the amount of sodium in their soups. A good percentage of their products got a makeover, reducing — on average — the sodium content of each can by about 45 percent.

Andy Warhol loved Campbell’s soup more than you think

Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup Cans art installation is the very definition of pop art. There are 32 canvases, each depicting a different kind of Campbell’s soup, and Mental Floss says Warhol did, indeed, love the stuff. He was quoted as saying, “I used to drink it.

One of Campbell’s soup commercials got big backlash

Star Wars product placement is everywhere, and that includes with Campbell’s. In 2015 they partnered for Star Wars themed soups, and they advertised with a commercial starring two dads and their son. The backlash from the far right came almost immediately, and it wasn’t because of the questionable Darth Vader impressions.

Campbell’s owns way more than you think

They might be called “Campbell’s Soup,” and we might just think of them in terms of those iconic red and white cans, but Campbell’s actually owns a massive number of other companies. Many of them are probably on your regular shopping lists, and you might be surprised to learn what else falls under their umbrella.

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