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How to find domain name owner
  1. To begin, open your browser and go to ICANN.
  2. Now, in the search box, enter the domain name that you want to search for.
  3. Click on ‘Lookup’ and the search will begin.
  4. You will now get details about the domain registration date, registry expiration, owner’s name and mailing address.
Jan 11, 2022
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How many domains are registered with Network Solutions?

Network Solutions is one of the biggest domain name registrars in the world, with over 7 million domains registered with them. You can register a wide variety of top domain name extensions with this service.

How many domain names does GoDaddy have?

GoDaddy is one of the longest running and largest domain name registrars in the world, managing over 77 million domain names. They offer competitive pricing and a great selection of domain name extensions to choose from.

Is it hard to find a good domain name?

Finding a good domain name that hasn’t already been claimed is hard—there are so many websites already out there that a lot of ideas have already been snapped up. But you may still be able to buy the domain you really want. And failing that, a little creativity or flexibility will help you find one that works just as well.

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Why do people invest in domain names?

People invest in domain names for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to start their own website at that domain. Sometimes it’s purely for investment purposes. And in a few cases, it may be for a website idea that either never comes to fruition, or that falls off the owner’s radar over time. If the website you’re interested in isn’t …

What is required when someone registers a domain name?

Every time someone registers a domain name, the domain registrar that processes the sale is required to collect basic contact information. In some cases, that information then gets submitted to the WHOIS directory, so that there’s a record of who runs each website online.

Does WHOIS directory have personal information?

Many domain registrars now offer domain name privacy, which keeps the owner’s personal information from being listed in the WHOIS directory. Between that and GDPR legislation, the WHOIS directory is no longer a reliable way to find a domain owner’s personal contact information. That means in many cases, you won’t be able to learn directly who …

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Who is the legal owner of a website?

But, the legal owner of a website is the registrant— the person or entity in whose name the domain has been registered with a dedicated domain registrar or hosting provider.

What is domain brokerage?

Domain brokerages. Buying and selling domains is an industry all in itself, and a number of services exist to make those transactions possible. If all efforts to find a domain owner through WHOIS or other strategies are fruitless, a domain brokerage or agent may be able to help. These entities offer services that range from locating an elusive …

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What is WHOIS database?

WHOIS databases are available through entities such as and ICANN (the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an organization dedicated to coordinating and storing information related to each unique website in the world.

What is WHOIS check?

1. A WHOIS check is essential for people in the business of buying and selling domains. These individuals (called “domainers”) need a method of communication for their transactions. A WHOIS search will provide one or more methods for reaching the current owner of a web address. 2.

What is WHOIS database?

What is the WHOIS database? The WHOIS domain database is a listing of all registered domains, and is regularly used for various legal purposes. Network administrators use the WHOIS lookup to identify and fix problems. For instance, WHOIS information can be used to check domain name availability, identify trademark infringement, …

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Why is WHOIS used?

For instance, WHOIS information can be used to check domain name availability, identify trademark infringement, and keep domain name registrants accountable. WHOIS verification can even be utilized to combat spam or fraud, as administrators can track down registrants who post illegal content or participate in phishing scams.

Where is ICANN based?

As of 2016, ICANN operates the WHOIS check free of oversight by any country and today exists as nonprofit corporation based in Los Angeles. ICANN is managed by a 16-member board with representation from all over the world.

What is ICANN in the world?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is in charge of all things related to a WHOIS lookup. The organization launched in 1998 because the internet had grown to a point where a formal organization was necessary to handle all the maintenance and procedures involved with keeping the world online.

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